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Someone posted a link to www.buywillieandmax.com a while back. When I checked it I found the sold the Saddlebag Tub Reinforcing I had been looking for. I guess I could have made my own but thought it would be better to have some specifically for my bags. Trouble was that mine didn't show a model number anywhere on them and none on the sight matched the measurements I took of mine. I contacted them and John Snelgrove [email protected] answered me back and said it sounded like I had the SB310A, an older model, but the ones for the SB311 would work. Just to let him know when I ordered and he would watch for my order and make sure I got the right ones. Well that was Tuesday, the inserts came in today and the work great.

So I know many you already have Willie and Max Saddlebags and most may already have reinforcing, but if you don't have it and need it...this is the place.

$8.00 + S/H
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