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Hi all new member here. I have a 1991 750 and am the original owner. I recently bought the house I grew up in off my father and my old bike was still in the garage covered up. I drained the fluids and replaced them. Had to buy new brake lines and master cylinder so far is all and battery. After the battery installation I went to fire it up and viola started right up and purrs like a kitten. My only issue is the shifter lever is dead when I try to put it in gear the lever is just kinda free floating. This is with the clutch pulled and not. And I mean nothing you can’t feel anything when working the lever but fortunately I can still start it. Also when I sat down to give it a look I noticed the lever would pull in and out of the engine about two inches. Won’t come all the way out but never really seen this on any of my bikes and four wheelers before. I know something is up but before tearing into it to far thought I’d ask for some advice. Could it be the clutch or do I need to pull the engine and split the case and get started?
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