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Ive been having annoying intermittant elec probs since I got this thing. But seeing that it sat in an unheated barn for years and was used on a motocross track, I guess expected.
Id sometimes lose spark (usually front cyl), check all, and just moving the wiring some would usually fix it.
Well, this morning, no sparks at all. Played with the wires all day, no joy. So figured would be easier and quicker to replace the whole harness. The ones i saw on Ebay were horrid looking, and Im sure dealer wants a mint. So, I printed the wiring diagram, grabbed me a tallboy, and went back to the garage. Apparently, former owner rplaced the stator. When replacing the wires for the pickup coils, he routed them right by the exhaust (I saw where there was a prior repair done too. Also, when my belly blew out, it was blowing right towards the coil and stator wires. Soon as i moved the pickup wires around she fired right up, and while running, as I moved em more, engine would fluctuate. So, needless to say, I'll be doing a repair on the wire tomorrow (cant find anyplace selling just the wires, coils are included). Will then reroute to other side of the driveshaft since Im now degoated.
Main thing I wanted to say, was that the damage/repair was barely obvious, and that cause no spark in front and weak in rear. Also may do the coil adjustment tweak as well.
But due to all the suggestions and advice given here, I found my needle in the haystack (there's still hay on parts of the bike, lol). Thanks to all for their help !!! :beerchug::smiley_th:beerchug::smiley_th
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