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Well, I got her on the road again after

  • Rebuilding the petcock
  • Putting new rubber on the back
  • Lubing the rear splines
  • Relocating the R/R
  • Cleaning, rebuilding and bleeding the front brake and master cylinder
  • Replacing the in-tank fuel sensor
Winter maintenance, I know, but I had to rebuild the petcock and clean and rebuild the master cylinder. And its amazing how much better she starts and runs when not being in a constant state of flooded.

I do have a performance question. I notice, riding in the rolling hills of Virginia, that I spend a lot of time riding a gear down (4th) so that I have the RPMs high enough that I can accelerate when going up hills and a lot of times I still wind up decelerating on the upslopes. I also find myself more often than not with the throttle cracked all the way open. Is this normal? For the time when my bike came out, the "big-bore" bikes (1000cc and above) were just starting to make an appearance, so at the time (circa 1985), this was actually considered a fairly large bike. Am I still seeing some kind of performance issue or is this considered normal for this bike?

Also, does popping from the exhaust when you let off the throttle indicate too rich or too lean? I find myself having to adjust my fuel/air mix all over again, since the fuel flow should be something closer to normal.

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