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Just like everyone else I love my Vulcan but wish it had a bigger tank. After perusing various threads about tour tanks etc, I came across this thread.


Not sure how I missed it before. So I contacted junkyard for a little info.
Then I contacted my homeboy as to whether or not we can do this. He was like sure, and pretty easily.
So now the question.....WHO ALL WANTS A BIGGER TANK?
Going off of the design on the thread it looks like it goes from 3.3 up to around 4.5. We will start with mine/extra tank to fully figure out what we are going to do and do design some templates.
This is preliminary so I can get a feel for who all will want one. Makes a big difference in how much metal etc we will have to buy. So now I need all your help. What exactly will you want and how.

1. possible tank exchange. I get a tank ready, you send existing tank and new larger tank is sent to you. Or you send a tank you purchase and it's redone and mailed back to you.
2. will u want it painted or just primed.
3. HOW MUCH SHOULD THIS COST? serious question. No point in doing this if no one wants to pay for it. So, what's a good cost. JUST TOSS SOME NUMBERS OUT THERE AND DON'T BE RIDICULOUS.
4. anything else you can come up with.


we're also in prelim discussions about making luggage racks.

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1.Tank exchange is a good idea, but you might be better off doing a "core charge" type of setup. Not every tank is going to be a cost effective candidate for this. If you have to spend extra time banging out dents and creases its going to make your costs go up.

2. I personally would want mine prepped for paint. Smoothed out and primed.

3. This brings me back to point # 1. There are a lot of factors that influence cost. I'm going to ballpark this assuming you are sending in a tank in decent shape with maybe one or two minor dings, no creases. I'd say like $150? That would be a stretched tank all prepped for paint.

4. Maybe offer different paint packages like the stock paint schemes. Maybe offer some tank mods like dished out sides and even the silly option of shrinking the tank.

That's my $.02
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