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Well today in Rainchester it's absolutely beautiful. 75 and sunny, not a cloud in the sky. Compared to a low of 45 this morning, it's absolutely balmy out today.
I Met a buddy of mine before lunch, we rode an a great ride on Baker road just outside of Rochester. This road is less than two miles from my house and I had never ridden it before. It was a absolute blast. First of all here in Monroe county everything is absolutely flat, I mean flat as a pancake. We must be all of about 3 feet above seal level. The only thing between us and the ocean is the Eisenhower locks on the St. Lawrence River. Great if you own a bicycle nut if you want some good twisties, not the best place in the world.

However if you go about 10 miles south, there are some very small hills and valleys. Baker road crosses both of these on some nice switchbacks and very tight hairpin turns. It was a ball. We must have rose 300 to 400 feet in altitide and then back down again. I didn't even know this existed until today.

About halfway through my ride a Monarc Butterfly crossed my path at about 50 mph, smack, right in the bridge of the nose. It stung a little but I brushed it off and kept going. We decided to stop for lunch beofre we had to get back to work at a local restaurant that serves absloutley the best cheesburgers on the planet. I had taken off all my gear and was waiting in line to get my cheesburger when I felt something in my shirt. Must be a piece of paper or a string or something. I reached in and to my surpirse that Monarch Butterfly had stowed away in my shirt! I picked him out and he flew all around the restaurant! He managed to find his way into the kitchen and the cook came out holding him in his hand and let him go outside! It was quite a sight!.

So next time you go out riding make sure you check your pockets and make sure you don't have any hitch hikers!

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