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I am thinking of upgrading from my Honda 600 to a Kaw vn 750. I like the advertised low maint. of the kaw. reading some of the comments about the splines and shaft problems is giving me second thoughts. How about some honest feedback about the upkeep of the vn750?

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Chances are if you go into any group like this of motorcycle owners you are going to hear discussions of 'problems'. If you listen closely you will also hear a lot more solutions happening too. Otherwise everyone would just be talking about the riding they do! Personally I'd much rather hear about both. My husband was working on a older AMF year sportster and of course had some problems with it. No one in several groups had any solutions cause they all took their bikes into the dealers for work.. Not an option if you are anyone with a limit to funds!
So with that said.. I have no problems working on my bike when it does need it (Which is very rare outside of regular maintenance)

From the VN750 yahoo group..
The truth about the Kawasaki Vulcan 750

First of all, the Vulcan 750 is a perfect bike
(I'm not biased, either <g>). It has everything you need
and it is the right size. It has shaft drive, liquid cooling,
tach, fuel gauge, self-adjusting valves, a centerstand, etc.
Plus you can actually push it around the garage or shed because
it doesn't weigh 700 pounds like the big cruisers.

It is the fastest Vulcan (stock), quick and nimble.
It is great for around town, through the twisties, and you can
go 90 mph all day long on the Interstate if you need to.
It is the best all-around cruiser on the road, and has been
for almost 20 years. It has changed very little, so almost all
parts from all years will fit any VN750.
It is a proven bike that is low on maintenance and high on fun!

Now for the honesty. It has a weak electrical system,
but this is not a fatal flaw. Many have replaced the stock battery
with a sealed gel battery, which helps. The regulator/rectifier can
be relocated to a cooler spot with better airflow - this seems to help
also. Some have had trouble with cam chain tensioners, but it is not
a major deal. Aftermarket/customizing parts are not as readily available
or as plentiful for the 750 as they are for the larger, slower Vulcans,
but we have managed to do plenty to our bikes to personalize them.
Check the photos section and the "What we have" database.
Check the Files section in our group for a ton of technical and other info about the VN750.
Go to the Links section and check out the home pages
of Ray, gYpSy, and others - tremendous sources of info on the VN750.

Bottom line - there are over 1000 people in this group who love their VN750s.
You'll not find a better bike or a better bunch of people.
Go for it; I guarantee you'll be happy. You know you want one....

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1986 VN750 "Babe", 1982 KZ440 LTD

From Lightnin':
I am a relatively newbie here. I have been out of riding for about 15
years after riding a Honda CB500-4 for about 10 years. I started
shopping for a cruiser last fall. I finally purchased a new '03 VN750
from Honda East, Maumee, OH for $5100 2/27/03. As you say, the VN750
has a lot to offer. Perhaps the items that drew me to it also lured
shaft drive,
liquid cooling,
spokeless rims with tubeless tires,
hydraulic valve lash adjusters,
air assisted rear shocks,
excellent brakes,
gear balanced engine to reduce vibration,
midsize engine, not too small, not too large, capable of 1/4 mile
times in under 14 seconds.
A review of all the items in this message board will reveal a large
number of us that are in love with the bike but also share the
resolutions to its major shortcomings. I, myself, haven't encountered
these yet but there is apparently an underachieved charging system.
Replacement of the stock battery with one of the new sealed types,
Westco and Yuasa seem to be preferred. Elimination of the "goat's
belly", the pre-muffler, reduces heat in an area that affects the
regulator/rectifier. Replacement of the R/R & stator with Electrex
units has been done by some of the riders here.
I think you will be very happy if you purchase a VN750.
NRA, VROC #10385
'03 VN750 - "Bessie"
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