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My '95 is in the shop, but I anticipate a "cannot duplicate problem" response for my problems. Any suggestions that I could get would be greatly appreciated. Here's my problem description as best as I can describe it:

The engine is cutting out intermittently with no common speed or action

Ø It has happened at idle, and at various speeds

Ø The tachometer instantly drops to zero and the bike loses speed quickly

If the cutout is short, the bike will jumpstart itself at driving speeds. Other times the bike will just roll to a stop and the ignition will need to be turned off and then on again.

The starter does not start the bike when this is happening, stopped or moving

When the bike is dead, turning the ignition off and then back on corrects the problem and allows the bike to be started with the starter.

Ø When dead, with the ignition still on, the lights (oil, blinkers, etc.) remain on as though the ignition is on. However, the starter won’t work, and the bike won’t jump itself if moving in this condition.

The length of the cutout varies from a second or two or sometimes until the ignition is cycled off and then on.

Sometimes the bike can be driven for miles without problems. Other times the problem has happened repeatedly within a very short distance.

Thanks in advance!!

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I think you posted this on the other board, and that you found the problem. Typically this problem is caused by either a loose connection or a bare spot in the wiring where the insulation has rubbed through and is shorting against the frame. The only way to find it is to look over all your wiring. Not a hard job, but it might take several hours and you will have to pull the seat, tank and front covers off to get at all the wiring. Also check all your wiring connections and grounds to make sure they are clean and tight, and use dielectric grease when you put them back together to protect them from future corrosion.

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