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I am looking for floorboards and hi way miniboards to fit the stock engine guard for my 750. Scootworks does not list the 750 under popular cruisers do they have parts or do you have to use another VN parts. If anybody has any reccomendations of other places to look I would appreciate the info. I'm ordering the pro tac backrest from scootworks and was hoping to be able to order the other items at the same time

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You can order a protac rest directly from the guy who makes them for $130-140 according to this thread:
Scootworks price is reportedly $160.

Ccspinner makes floorboards and brackets for mounting highway pegs for the vn750.

I don't think the brackets will work with an engine guard though.

If you already have the engine guard, you should be able to find pegs and mounting clamps at Kuryakyn or others.
I don`t have them yet, but really like the Kuryakyn Longhorn Offset Dually pegs. They allow a lot of adjustment for length of inseam. You will have to pick the clamp size to fit the guard.

Here is another recent option posted for floorboards.
Factory made and look more like the *big twin* boards, with a price to match.

Note the factory link in post #10 - these come with mounts for a Vulcan 500 and you will need to fabricate adaptors for the 750 as shown in the thread.
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