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I know some people have asked about pics and videos of different LEDs to get an idea of how well they work. I thought I'd do my part in this effort and post some quick videos of the CA LED tail that I installed. http://stores.motolume.com/-strse-358/86-dsh-05-VULCAN-750-ELIMINATOR/Detail.bok?category= is the taillight itself.

These were taken on my iPhone so they're not the greatest quality, but hopefully they'll give you an idea. Note that the LEDs tend to look whitish in videos. That's just the way LEDs and cameras are - they're as red as any red bulb I've seen.

CA_LEDTail1.mov (0:28, 36.2MB) This is the regular tail light outside in average light. About 5:30PM toward the end of October in Michigan, so it's not really sunny, but it's not what I'd call dark either. I started back a bit to give you an idea what someone following you would see. I tried to get some footage from the side too, to show what's visible at an angle with the LED board mounted as far as I could get it toward the front of the bike. Flashers are on for some brightness reference.

CA_LEDTail2.mov (0:12, 15.8MB) This is similar to 1, but with the brake on.

CA_LEDTail3.mov (0:18, 23.7MB) This is an extreme closeup. I was holding the phone in my left hand trying to keep it in front of the light while working the brake lever with my right hand. It's not a great video, but it's one more view to check out.

CA_LEDTail4.mov (0:42, 53.7MB) This is in my slightly darker garage. I've got some more fairly close footage from holding the phone and working the brake at the same time. Around :28, I show the light shining on the wall (plywood painted white) behind the bike. One thing that I really like about the LEDs is that they come on instantly. You can see in the other videos where the flashers look like they sort of "fill out" the signal with light as they come on, whereas the LED tail is just instantly on when I hit the brake.

I'm hosting the videos on my own site. If you intend to watch them multiple times, please save them to your PC rather than downloading them each time. It'll put less load on my server and be faster for you.
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