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Vibration/Whining in Rearend

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I have a '92 750 Vulcan with 22,000 plus miles on it. It's my first bike, bought it last August and put 8,000 miles on it.

I've noticed recently that when leaning the bike left, such as when swerving or taking a curve, I feel a vibration (grinding?) and hear a whining noise coming from the rear of the bike. This is most noticable when travelling slow in higher gears or taking a curve without increasing power/acceleration. Maybe it's always been there and I didn't notice it previously.

Fluid levels are fine and the bike runs great.

Is this something that that anyone else has noticed in the Vulcan because of the shaft drive, or am I looking at doing surgery on it?
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Thanks for responding. I hope that is all it is. I'm having a mechanic pull the rear wheel, inspect and lube the drive shaft at the same time.
A tire that is not wearing properly could give you a vibration feeling too. How are your tires?

CD in Frederick, OK
It is most likely your front tire. The edges to be exact. They tend to wear in a ridged pattern. Run your hand over it and see if the tread sections are higher on one end and a bit lower on the other end.

Not sure why they do that. My ME880 on the front, which has 10,600 miles on it has just started to do this.
Thanks to Red Baron and Ol Poop for the suggestions about tires. After reading your replies tonight I checked the tires. The front tire is cupping slightly on either side of the center groove on the front tire (Bridgestone Spitfire tires -front and rear). Also, front is worn down to 4/32 and rear is at 5/32, so I will soon be in the market for a new set.

Earlier today I returned from a week vacation with family in northern MN. I'd left the bike behind with a mechanic who inspected, cleaned and greased the splines in the rear drive and drive shaft, and checked the rear wheel bearings and alignment. All looked good. The noise is still there and he also said it seems to be tire related.

Again, thanks for the help, guys.
I replaced both tires and this eliminated the problem.
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