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Glenn C.
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Just have a question about Valve, lifters, and cam chain adjustments.

I have a 2001 vn750, and i am working on a 84 honda shadow vt700 for a friend.
The shadow has a ticking/clicking noise. I was told it may be from the valves, lifters, or cam chain. So does anyone know anything about adjusting these on either bikes, the vulcan or the shadow??

There's a slight ticking noise in my vulcan, but it's worse in the honda.

I joined the hondashadow.net forum to get some info, but of course they cant even help with the Vulcan.

I have a youtube video of the shadow running.
check it out here

Also knowing about the splines and the final drives of the Vulcan, i went ahead and did a spline job on the honda today... its amazing how these two bikes are SO SO much alike. From the tank, to the handlebars, to the seats (the vulcan has one big seat while the honda's is actually 2 seats, but they look the same!)
I mean style wise and even some mechanical things are so much alike.
The final drive on the vulcan has 4 bolts while the honda has 3, but the whole spline lube procedure was just about the same!

Thanks for the help.


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First off, I know nothing about the Honda so no help here. On the Vulcan, the most engine noise, as I have gather from here, has to do with the cam drive chain. The "automatic cam chain tentioner" or ACCT for short has a spring that gets weak, broken, or stuck and doesn't add tention over time. I put in the TOC Manufacturing replacement springs today and it took the raddle totaly out of my bikes engine. My springs come as a kit with the new seals and a key to put tention on the spring to help get it loaded. About as easy to rebuild these ACCT's as chewing gum and it was well worth the money to get rid of the noise. tocmanufacturing.com/ACCT.htm
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