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(anybody ever watch Welcome Back Kotter?)

Anyway, that mysterious little carb vent hose that gets talked about so much...

Maybe a "definitive answer" on that hose would be helpful. I've seen all over this site, some say it goes on the right ear, and some say the square plate on the underside of the gas tank. (My Clymers says the right ear.)

When I just pulled my tank and carbs, my hose was connected to that plate under the tank, and my bike ran fine like that. (as fine as it could with my jacked up carbs anyway)

What's the pro's and con's of the two spots? And if plugged into the right ear, and it's sealed over that little plastic nipple, why does the very end of it need to be cut so it doesn't seal flat against the backside of the filter housing?

You're all free to chime in, and I hope some do. :beerchug:

When I reassemble my bike I'm gonna have to decide which spot to plug mine back into, and I'd rather not just flip a coin.

So how 'bout it? Thoughts? Knowns? Opinions? :blah:
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