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Build so far! Test post for now, will update with description/story in a bit!

Higher quality pics: http://imgur.com/gallery/wqX6S

since I got the bike, I've given it (in approximately chronological order)

copper plugs, wires, rotella, f brakepads, Shinko 230 tires, spline lube (Honda M70), final drive oil, oil cap*, rebuilt carbs and rejetted 42/142 + 1 needle shim, earshaved UniPK92, custom highway bars, Kinfemaker dash w/USB charger & voltmeter, green LED's along upper frame rail, JBwelded MCCT conversions, Slipstreamer S03 windshield, balance dampers, stator cleaned, MOSFER R/R, black engine paint, iridium plugs, diagnosed charging (MOSFET yields 14v @ idle occasionally, sometimes 12.5, consistent 13.8v+ while running. Will likely switch to SH775 R/R soon), crappy Emgo mirrors

*one time when I was test riding the motorcycle I started smelling and being sprayed by oil. I looked down to see that I had not fastened the oil fill cap all the way and the crankcase was having good fun spitting at me. I pulled over and hitched a ride home, grabbed my car, ran to homedepot, and grabbed some chair/table tube end cap feet rubber things and a roll of duct tape. I plugged the oil cap hole with the rubber foot and secured it around the stator case with duct tape and ran it home at idle.


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