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What causes the headlight to flicker on low beam when you are riding fast? Is it fixable? Do you think the flickering acts as a safety feature? The bulb is new OEM.

I finally installed my kuryakin voltage meter. I did the quick and dirty hookup of running the leads into the headlight socket. I may change it to a more permanant setup, but not yet. I accidently hooked it up so it only works on high beam. When it comes on, the lower red and yellow lights come on first and are continuously lit, but only one of the two green lights comes on, and it flickers. I ran it at 4000 rpm continuously for this test. Do you think it flickers because of the way I hooked it up? Should it be continuous?
Do you think only one green light comes on because the high beam draws more power? Should both green lights come on? The instructions don't say.
As an aside, when I apply the brakes (at idle), the headlight dims from the additional load...is that normal?
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