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A while back someone responded to a 2 year old post concerning doing this.

Here's what I just finished doing:

A while back I added trailer lights to my ammo cans so that I'd have running lights front and rear (and much bigger turnsignals). Plans had been from the start to set them up as brakelights too.

I picked up a "taillight converter" made by hoppy/ hopkins towing solution - part number 48925 - wired it in, and now when I hit my brake light I have THREE lights - I have THREE rear lights when I'm cruising down the road, and I still have normal function of my turn signals when I hit the brake.

Definitely a good mod for anyone that has a three wire setup in the back.

I will note that I am going to have to pick up 2 heavy duty flashers since for whatever reason the turnsignals now blink fast when the brake is on (as mentioned in the installation instructions).
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