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I just have to put a good word in for Bill at trimfitbracket.com. I've been custom mounting horns and an amplifier on the sides of the bike - below the ears.

Bill custom-made several brackets for me to do the job and they are first rate! His prices are very reasonable - about $5-8 each - and he only charges actual shipping costs which is just a couple bucks or less.

His brackets are stainless steel and he polishes them to a chrome-like finish. I've been a pain - specifying custom lengths, 3 and 4 holes per bracket, and even the hole size. I know my order was very small, but Bill treated me like I was his biggest customer.

If you have a custom project and need some brackets - give Bill a call and you will not be disappointed. His website shows that he can also bend the bracket into an L, or twist them 90 degrees. Your imagination is the limit.

I'm looking forward to showing off my bike at G07! :motorcycl

Ride on, Mark
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