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Hey, I have a 93 vulcan 750. I am a security gaurd and where I work is surrounded by woods, I also only work on the weekends. I accomplish this by working double shifts 2 days in a row so I just camp in the woods in my time off rather than drive the 1 hour home. I was wondering if it would be possible or if somebody has created a trailer system for thier 750, perhaps very similar to this http://www.gadgetjq.com/trailer.htm.
It would be very helpful for me to have a trailer to perhaps make into a camper or to just carry some luxury items. Thanks.

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I know of at least one person on the vn750 yahoo forum who has made their own trailer like the one you posted the link to, and made their own hitch for the vn750. It wasn't the prettiest thing you ever saw, but it worked good for him.

You can get a hitch for the vn750 here:

Also here is the writeup from another vn750 owner that made their own trailer.

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Towing is a reasonable way to bring along a relatively large volume of
items. I towed with a 750-4 Honda and GoldWings, and I never had

I made my trailer, it was 30"w x 39"l x 15"h. If you buy one it will probably have a hitch on it, probably a swivel type. I used a conventional 1 7/8" ball hitch and coupler, and could drag the pegs while towing. The ball of my hitch was mounted at about the height of the rear axel of the bike, but mounting it as low as possible will cause less wiggle when one tire hits a bump. Theoretically if it were mounted at the surface of the road, there would be no side movement.

I used 6" or 8" utilty wheels and tires, and ran 8-10 psi -- they acted as suspension, and never got as warm as the bike tires. I used Honda taillights mounted sideways so they shined on the license plate.

I once ran it at 100mph racing with a train across Nebraska - steady as at 70mph.
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