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Throttle grip anti-rotate nub(?)

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Hello all

So I have this issue with the throttle/kill switch/start button housing
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. Usually there is a little nub on the housing that mates up with the hole on the handlebar as an anti-rotating measure. As you can see in the included pic, it has been sheared off.

I'm sure other people have seen this as well. I have a new housing from the Bay but alas, this one is sheared off as well.

What is your recommendation to alleviate this?

Thank you so much
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I'm the bad guy here! I usually use my rotary tool to take those annoying things off. Then I can position the thumb controls however I want on any handlebar.

A piece of friction tape or athletic tape (for gear not bodies) wrapped on the handlebar is all you need to keep the controls from slipping - especially the right side.
Agreed, either tape or those rubber strips you get with “universal” bar mounts for things like windshields or cup holders, phone mounts etc. once they get clamped tight it’s almost impossible to move.
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