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Throttle grip anti-rotate nub(?)

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Hello all

So I have this issue with the throttle/kill switch/start button housing
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. Usually there is a little nub on the housing that mates up with the hole on the handlebar as an anti-rotating measure. As you can see in the included pic, it has been sheared off.

I'm sure other people have seen this as well. I have a new housing from the Bay but alas, this one is sheared off as well.

What is your recommendation to alleviate this?

Thank you so much
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I'm the bad guy here! I usually use my rotary tool to take those annoying things off. Then I can position the thumb controls however I want on any handlebar.

A piece of friction tape or athletic tape (for gear not bodies) wrapped on the handlebar is all you need to keep the controls from slipping - especially the right side.
I did almost exactly what you said on mine. Somehow I broke that nub off on the throttle side, so I used some double-sided Gorilla tape. Worked like a champ.

PS- I sent you a private message about the ACCT. Check you DM's when you get a chance!
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DId you send me ( the old coot) a DM about ACCT

We here would I find the direct message is that under conversations
Sorry, that was for dirtrack650, Buddy!

Whether you're on the mobile or desktop site, if you have a direct message you should see a little red dot show up on your profile picture.

Like this:

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Then yes, you click that and you will see a number next to "Conversations" which indicates how many messages you have waiting for you to read.
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