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What's the cost to convert all bulbs (except headlight) to LED?
Is there enough gain in reserve power to run a lightbar?
Does anyone have the part numbers for the bulbs?

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This is what I choose to do.

LED Tailight $64.95 (you can get this for ~$45 if you get it without the clear/smoke lens cover and just use the stock red one)

LED Flasher Relay $23 (you will need this RELAY to get the LED blinkers to flash properly and reduce load. Do not get a dual load equalizer if you wish to take advantage of LED to reduce load)

LED Turn Signals (I choose the all white for the front $65 and the integrated turn signal/running light/brake light for the rear $81)

I also replaced all my lens covers with clear covers from Moto Lume for $20 per set

I relocated my front TS with Memphis Shades part number 9994

Memphis Shades 9994 $22

And my rear with a Universal Rear TS relocation Kit
Rear TS relocation $29

Total cost including extras (relocations, clear lens covers, etc) $325

You could probably do it around $200 if you went no frills and didn't get the integrated rear TS

Sorry, but I have no idea how much I actually reduced my load by doing all this and if it would be enough to put in a light bar. But I have a nice triangle of BRIGHT white light in the fron now because I also went with a Lumenez HID kit for my headlight. $40 HID Headlight Kit
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