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The Two Wire Mod

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Edit March 2016: So far, we know Kawi used black/red or all black for the wire running to the 10-pin JB plug from the start button. This has caused some confusion and errors applying this mod in some cases. This is probably the reason for the headlight problems later in this thread. Will try to get a couple of pics and pin locations up as soon as I can post pics again.

Edit June 2017 - Watch this video before beginning: Short video on Blue Wire & Two Wire mods

* Be aware that this mod disables the neutral start switch. Your bike will start in gear with the clutch engaged after doing this mod.*

Posting this so more people may become aware of it, recommending it as a preventative mod that could save your stator, or resolve some of the other problems it covers. The mod can also keep you from being stranded.

The Two Wire Mod

1) At the Junction Box, find the 10-pin connector (smaller of the two)

2) Locate the yellow/red stripe and black/red stripe wires (Kawi also used all black instead of black/red)

3) Remove the two wires from the 10-pin plug

4) Splice the two wires together securely and insulate properly

edit: This is the color diagram I'm using:

Link to High-Res Color Wiring Diagram: Google Drive: Sign-in

That's it!

What The Two Wire Mod Covers

1) Start Button Failure

2) Low Peak Charge Voltage

3) Charging System Brownouts - (volts dropping well below peak voltage for periods of time)

4) Charging System Failure to charge with a good stator, R/R, etc.

5) Possibly improves ignition voltage. The yellow/red branches off before the Junction Box and feeds into the IC Ignitor box. Hot and cold starting both improved on my bike.

This mod is bypassing unidentified faults and future faults with these circuits in the Junction Box.

Let us know if this works for you.

michiganteddybear did this 1 1/2 years ago for his start button.

I have the TPE/MOSFET and this mod cured charging system brownouts, low peak charge, dead start button, and hot/cold starts on my bike.

thtanner has the TPE/MOSFET that wasn't charging at all, both of ours are at 14.5v now.

Edit April 2023: Link to video for this mod.

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Thank you
Thank you again, Spockster.
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Thanks.they showed up today
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Yes this is the fix Spockster was talking about
Check all of the grounds as well
The Japanese have genetically altered a race of midgets to assemble their bikes.ever try to remove carbs on a 1000 goldwing and you'd understand ;)
If you'd gotten married first it'd be worse.;)try pulling and wiggling at the same time.it's hard to explain but once you get it you'll understand
Nah that's the stator;)
Some WD40 might slicken it up.
Good idea Spockster
Thar be pirates
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Shiver me timbers! My bike gave me scurvy!!! R/R!!:surprise:
Quick.eat your tires.or lick them.you need vitamin c
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Here is the pic
86 harness black wire has no stripe
neither does 85 harness
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I'll take a pic of a 92 harness when I find it
Yes, front row, bottom pin. Same location as the black/red on my 2003. That's from the start button.
X2 on that
Agreed. In my 1986 the Yellow/Red is third from the bottom front row. The second from the bottom on the back row is plain yellow
Yup same on my 86
Jb are all same part numbers
This mod went poorly for me. I discovered that my headlight wasn't working as I headed home at dusk. I pulled into Meijer and grabbed some wire strippers and tape to reconnect everything to get me home safely. Now I'm in the position of what next. Do I reattempt by splicing or do I go for the blue wire solution? I'm leaning towards splicing because it saves another snip.

This is my connector before mod. I cut y/r and b/r, connected them off the plug and capped the ends. I'm willing and able to go in any direction but am not confident in the best path forward.

Also, my 10 pin connector is super easy to remove. Just a little thumb pressure on the tab and it pulls right out. I saw that some were struggling and thought I'd share my technique.
What do you mean by poorly?
I have done the two wire mod and the side stand switch still operates as normal. Only the neutral start switch is disabled
I was going to say it disabled the side stand switch but then I remembered I disabled it before I did the two wire mod
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