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This bike was first made in 1985 or 6. Remains unchanged except for front tire size and some electrcal stuff in 1995. Once or twice they didn't even come out with a new model color for next year. They just sold the leftovers the following year instead of making more bikes.

Subject: For the new guys ﷓﷓ The VN7xx universe of ?s
Joe wrote:

Some quick misc. tips for you...

To answer your question about the drain plug. Use the one on the side.. why? Because you need to clean the oil screen. Also, it doesn't benefit you at all to use the bottom one. Tilt the bike to the side to get that last extra drop or two out while changing the oil.

Check the oil on the center stand on level ground. Run the bike for a minute after changing the oil so it re﷓fills the filter and all and re﷓check 10 minutes after that.

Also, check out the tech section on our group's Yahoo site.


In addition to that, and before someone else tells you, get a Yuasa or WestCo sealed battery ASAP as well as think about relocating your electronics from under the bike for better air flow and thus cooling. Relocating your regulator/rectifier to a cooler spot is a highly recommended early mod.

(We would like to offer the VROC membership a 5% discount off any of our motorcycle battery products ordered on our website. Thank you Motorcycle Batteries USA www.motorcyclebatteriesusa.com)
Seat questions? Mustang for long riding. Corbin for shorter but still more comfortable riding. Customize your seat for a bigger job at about the same cost but more satisfaction.

(Seats: also consider Saddlemen seat)

Grips? Kuryakyn Iso's made for the Goldwing. Why? So you have room for your hand once you get the throttle boss.

Buy some silicone to make sure the nut on your tool-box lock doesn't come loose.

Also, deliberately pop-off the half-dollar size (or more) plastic chromey cap on the bike frame. These caps cover the swingarm adjuster on each side of the bike. Silicone them back into place again. Eventually they may pop-off on their own.

Look for 800 or Mean Streak mirrors for the best bang for the buck on an upgrade there.

Listen to Grambo and GC about the cam chain, but since your bike is so new, don't do it just yet....

Gypsy has some great info on her site, but don't expect nuggets of wisdom here via the group as she is too busy riding somewhere we wish we all were.

Gas ﷓ 87/cheapo stuff only. 'nuff said.

Har(d)ley Davidson crush gaskets for the exhaust once you change it out. Nothing else is as thick and works as good... At least not anything I remember hearing about.

Tires... Metzelers are the overwhelming choice of champions, but again, you've got anywhere between 5,000 and 10,000 on the stock tires before you need to think about that. You can go with a 140 in the rear for better pick-up and a top speed of 110 or so if you weigh in at 260 lbs like me... Don't ask how I know this, okay?

Horns... Ugh. NJ Ken? Anyone else wanna tackle this subject?

Fiamms for a few, Ask Jax about his sonic booms <G>

Headlight can be upgraded to higher wattage's for better sight, but it's a close call with our electrical system. The electrical system is our one big weak link.

Gas petcock... Leave it ON all the time. Turn it forward to go forward when you need to go to reserve. Expected mileage? 40-55 depending if you ride like me or super﷓slow GC. Miles per tank? 110 to 160 again, depending if you're a grampa GC or a speed-demon fatso Viagro.

Gas tank noise? It's the pressure release valve. Think of it as your baby's burp.

Those little hoses from the bottom of your gas tank near the seat shank? Not sure. My '86 doesn't have 'em.

Removing the badges on the side of the tank? Weed wacker line ﷓ no heat. Get goo gone to remove the last glue or use gasoline and wax immediately afterwards. Cotton terry cloth towel only.

As far as we can tell, nobody has ever turned their front rotors.

Change the oil in your rear diff. every other oil change at a minimum. Oil the splines on the drive shaft too or you'll be talking with Grambo again.

Saddle bag supports? Ask Jax about his invisible monsters.

LED lighting options? Hmm. Post a specific question and see what folks say. There are WAY too many options.

Pulling a trailer on the 750? Not suggested but possible.

Windshield... Depends on what you want to accomplish. NJ Ken has a nice fairing he can tell you about and GC has a mini-bug avoidance system installed. I've got the giant national Plexi for the winter months only. National Cycle's Plexifairing (2 or 3) with quick disconnect seem to be a popular choice here, although some of us need to shave an inch or two off the top to make it just right. Eyes should be just above the shield in normal riding posture, with slipstream brushing the top of your helmet (into the vents)

Horsepower rating? Something like 72. 13+ seconds 1/4 mile with a small, good rider.

Wheelies? Not suggested but possible.

Oil? 10w40 dino w/o energy conserving star. 5w40 synth ﷓ Mobil red cap. Blend? Not sure.

Tire goo to avoid flats? Messy, but might just work.

Headlight and brake modulators? Banshee has a good source for them and I know him well. I've posted it here and maybe someone else can forward the info.

Send all thanks to Jax 'cause he made this group a success when it was floundering like an injured Harley in years past.

Popping on deceleration? Install coasters, or use the marble trick, then adjust your carb screw (see current thread on this).

Joe ﷓ VROC #8013 '86 VN750

Updates to the above.

On our VN 750 Yahoo Group site, go to “Links” on the left side of the home page, then “Tech,” and there you will find the aforementioned Gypsy’s page, among other useful links.

You can also go to the Kaw website and view a parts diagram for your bike
go to the Kaw website and click on "vehicle information" (which is in green near the top of the page/screen), then click on "view parts diagram"
enter the necessary info for your bike (be sure not to select "750 LTD" in the far right menu, but rather "vn750" further down the list) you will get to the parts info for your bike

The part number for OEM parts can be found by checking on www.buykawasaki.com under Vehicle Information\Parts Diagram.

Also in the Files section here in the Yahoo VN 750 Group under FAQS there is a write-up titled.. "How to Locate Parts - Part Numbers"

Kawaski usually posts directions for most accessories on their sight under important information for each accessory. Here is the link for the intructions


It's lists the bolts specs and has part numbers for everything. Not sure if parts for accessories can be ordered because I know I was missing a screw once for a rack I ordered once and the dealer told me they couldn't get the screw and had to order a new rack to give me the screw. You should be able to substitute a lot of the parts with common hardware.

Go to www.buykawasaki.com and follow the links to "View Parts Diagrams" Select your bike and year, find the part. Then go to www.ronayers.com and put in the part number (use the long number with the dash). For discontinued parts, go to our Database section here on the group and look in the "Parts/Accessories" database. Lots of good stuff in there.

Be sure to see Ray’s Vulcan Page, and Starman’s Vulcan Page via the links in the VN750 Yahoo Group site !!

We have instructions on how to find parts in our Yahoo VN750 Group site: Files > FAQS > How to Locate Parts - Part Numbers tells how to get to and navigate the parts diagrams at http://buykawasaki.com
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