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The Gathering 2006

The Gathering will be held at the Cardnal Cove Resort , on Cherokee Lake, Rutledge, TN. From July 15th to the 22nd.

The resort has cabins available as well as camping spots and RV hookups. They even rent tents.

For more info go to: Cardnal Cove

Please call them (865) 828-5300 and book your reservation ASAP.
You need to do this even if you only want a camping spot.

Also go to The Yahoo Group and fill in your info in the Gathering 2006 sheet. (The link will bring you to the VN750 Database, choose the "Gathering 2006 attendance " link to add your name)

The 2006 event will include the usual fun we always have, some group rides - one of which will be to "Slay the Dragon".. clinics, group meals..and other events to be posted later.

We expect a good turn out for this, so mark your calender and make your reservations. See you there!

For more info or to ask questions, check out THIS THREAD.
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