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First, a word of gratitude towards this community, as this forum has enabled me to take apart the cooling system of my vn750, revise it and put it back to working order. Changed all the hoses, cleaned the thermostat inside and out, cleaned out the grub (I believe nobody had ever done this on this bike since 1995), cleaned the contacts, etc. Quite a job because here in Brazil the original parts are hard to get. I had to adapt automobile parts but it turned out ok.

Now, as a newborn mechanic I also managed to pull the carbs, install new intake rubbers and reinstall the whole set. That was really a hell of a job, and I did it alone, if you don't count the good and bad spirits I called present during the process. It went a lot better when I discovered that it was possible to take the air surge ducts out (this is when I discovered that a previous lunatic had poked a hole in one of them).

I cleaned the carbs as far as I could without taking them apart, replaced all the hoses and clamps, and discovered that probably they hadn't been connected correctly by the same previous lunatic. As I am having some difficulty in adjusting the carbs, let me just present how I connected the hoses and put the initial adjustments. I'd really appreciate some feedback, as I feel I am close to a really better running bike.

So here I go. First consider that:

1. I marbled the hoses.
2. Probably the vacuum synchronization is way off.

Now here are the connections I made:

1. Two fuel hoses connect the tank to the front and rear carburetors. I haven´t missed out on these ones I believe.

2. The two 'vent hoses' that come out on top of the carburetors and are connected with a 'T', are led into the right side air filter.

3. The left side vacuum port (next to the air/fuel mix set screw) is connected to the middle connector on the tank.

4. The right side vacuum port (next to the air/fuel mix set screw) is capped.

5. The port on what is I believe called the 'separator' (that previously was connected to the right side vacuum port) is capped too.

I got this together by combining pieces of info available on this forum. It is highly probable that I messed something up, but I got the bike running, with two observations:
6. It has startup trouble (runs when I have it pushed) but it already had this.
7. It has idling trouble - I don't seem to be able to adjust the idle.

This is really a learning experience for me and I'm enjoying it. I'm doing it myself because nobody here understands this bike, and because I want to have it running as safely as possible.

Again, thank you all for the advice. Anybody ever thought of a rough ride through the northeast of Brazil ?


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Sounds like you got it all set up right in terms of the hoses - well done, given that you were just working from an array of different threads! For the idle adjust, unfortunately you may need to pull your carbs again. The idle adjust knob is on a piece of aluminum that is connected to the piece of aluminum (threaded, with spring) that pushes against the throttle plate. BUT those two pieces of aluminum are connected by a piece of rubber, that can easily come "unglued" from one (or both) pieces of metal. You can turn and turn that knob, and nothing will happen. In one set of carbs I rebuilt, I just glued the rubber to the aluminum pieces with some strong emblem adhesive - worked just fine after that. That might not be the problem, but if you have the knob and it appears to be making contact with the throttle plate, give it a careful look.
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