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Yeah, I know, it's short notice; I wasn't even sure I was gonna do this, until
late last week, but I'm in dire need of the cycletherapy.

Thursday, 30 April, thru Sunday, 03 May, Fredericksburg, TX

Main website: http://hcrxii.com/

Host hotel is the Sunday House in Fredericksburg

OK, here it be...my tentative plans for the Hill Country Ride. I'll be staying
at my brother's in Kerrville, approximately 26 miles south of Fredericksburg,
and on the way to the Twisted Sisters. Plans could change, depending on who/how
many want(s) to come along.

Thursday will be mainly waiting for arrivals, and doing a bit of prelim route
checking. Last year, we went for a late lunch at Koyote Ranch, then an easy
afternoon ride, after a nap, over to Fredericksburg to meet up with Niterider,
visited with some of the DFW bunch, ate at Jade Island across the street, went
back across the street and visited some more, then went back to Kerrville.

Last year we did the Threes on Friday, with the shorter ride on Saturday.

Friday will be the shorter day this year, so we can make the dinner in
Fredericksburg. Dunno yet what the route will be, but we'll end up in
Fredericksburg for the dinner, after the obligatory brief stop in Luckenbach;
I've yet to visit Chuck Burt's memorial brick, and I'd like to get that in this
trip. The dinner is catered Mexican food by Mamacita's at the Sunday House; good
stuff, and at 11 bucks cheaper than what you'd usually walk out of the
restaurant itself paying.

You have to go to the website, register, and sign up and pay ahead of time for
the dinner. You can also do your own thing, if you like.

Saturday will be the Threes, prolly similar to last year's ride. The Threes are
the Twisted Sisters, FM335, FM336, and FM337, three of the best riding roads in
Texas. Last year's route was TX16S to FM337W to Vanderpool and the Lone Star
Motorcycle Museum, then onward on FM337 to Leakey; FM335 from just north of
Leakey to TX41W to US377S to Rocksprings for lunch at the Angora Inn. After
lunch, US377N to TX41E to FM335S to TX55S into Camp Wood, where, after fueling
up, we took the other end of FM337 back over to Leakey, then 337 and 16 back to
Kerrville. I may make a slight modification to that, so those staying in
Fredericksburg that want to ride with us can get back before dusk, but we'll
still be able to do all of the Twisted Sisters. I'll be doing some checking on a
couple things between now and then.

Here's a preview, from someone else's ride:

Lone Star Motorcycle Museum: http://www.lonestarmotorcyclemuseum.com/

Sunday will be go-home day. My plan is church at Thunder in the Hills Biker
Church, lunch afterwards, then head back to H-town.

Post up if you want to come along!

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