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Does anybody have a temperature sensor to fit my 86 VN750? Mine
went South today.
Yes, part number 27101. RonAyers did not have it.

It is such a simple part, no moving parts. I think I will tinker
around with it before I declare it dead. It may well be that it has
just lost it's grounding through the radiator. I will try clamping
a solid ground to it tomorrow.

Ok, looking over the parts diagragm, I'm confused.. are you talking
about 92066-1183 PLUG,SENSOR WATER that sits on the thermostat
housing? (If so, Ron Ayers has it for $27.60)

The sensor I am referring to fits in the bottom of the radiator, on
the left side. I am not sure what the sensor on the thermostat is.
When I realized that my fan was not working I disconnected the wire
going to the sensor in the radiator and grounded it to the frame.
The fan started to work. I connected a hot test light to the
sensor, and nothing happened. So, I am pretty sure that is the
problem area.

Right, the complete number is
Part Number: 27010-1167
Description: SWITCH,FAN
Price: $57.68

There's more to that part number. It should be 5 digits, a dash, and 5
more digits to be a complete part number. Ron Ayers is a Kawasaki
dealer. They will have it or can order it for you.
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