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This is based on my own personal experience and is very subjective. It is in no way a recommendation for or against any specific brand or type of oil. Forgive me if I tread on any toes. I am posting this because I thought it may be of interest to some.

I had been using Amsoil 10W40 full synethic (black cap, not mc specific) in my 2001 VN750 since I first got it used in April 2004. Having read that Shell Rotella-T 15W50 was a good oil to use, I decided on my next to last oil change to give it a try. First thing I noticed was that the ''coffee grind'' noise was more pronounced. Next thing was what sounded like a valve tick from the rear cylinder. Then I started missing shifts, getting false neutrals, and take offs from standing still did not seem a smooth. This morning I changed the oil back to the Amsoil mentioned above. The rain cleared up this evening, so was able to get in a 25 mile ride before dark.

Take offs seem smoother, and I did not get any of the ''coffee grind" noise when first starting out. I did get it at times previously with the Amsoil, so it may come back when I get some more miles on this oil change. Temp in the low to mid 70's.

Shifts are much smoother and require less effort. I think that because I was used to how easily it shifted prior to using the Rotella-T, I was not using enough pressure on the shift pedal when shifting gears.

The valve tick is still there, but not as loud. I will most likely add some Sea Foam to the oil just before the next change if it doesn't clear up.

I think that my gas mileage may have gone down a bit with the Rotella-T, but it will take a few tank fulls to confirm this. I was formerly getting 55+ MPG, and it appears to have dropped to about 53 MPG. I had some hard 70 - 90 MPH super slab runs, so that may account for the slightly lower average.

Sorry I can't join you in Kentucky Lake. Ride safe and have fun.
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