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New member, old problem. I just got my stator and R/R replaced this week and it costed $930 with everything, including labor. After reading about stator problems on this forum, I am a bit pissed that after the bike being in production for more than 2 decades there is an ongoing problem with any part of the bike.

Since it looks like the fried stator is still quite a common problem, I would like to make a statistic about it. (somebody said, there was no stats on it) So if you have/had problem with your stator, please post how many miles/years the stator lasted, what kind of battery were you using and any other relevant info, what you think is important.

Here is my data:

Bike : 2001
Miles : 12 K
Battery : wet, original stock battery
Fused stator: no

Otherwise then this stator replacement, I can't really complain, in the last 3 years I never had any problem with the bike, tires were replaced around 9K. I am basicly the first owner of the bike, bought it hardly used with 19 miles (!!) on it.

So I am looking forward to seeing other people's data with their stator, thanks in advance!
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