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Also See Stator Redo

I didn't replace my stator yet but here's some info that may help. Electrosport (formerly Electrex) now has a new manufacturer that makes their stators and regulator/rectifiers and say that they now have complete control over quality. Keep in mind that once a Kawasaki stator or R/R is installed by the customer instead of a dealer there is no warranty, Electrosport warranties theirs for one (1) year. Electrosport stators and R/R are less expensive than Kawasaki.

Re: my stator is bad Check here:


The only way to replace the stator is to pull the motor. You can perform a modification to the stator cover that will allow easier replacements in the future. Check here: http://www.tocmanufacturing.com/Side_Cover_mod.htm
JR Allas
When I got home I measured the following currents. Note that these are one leg only, the others should be equivalent.
1000 RPM 5.5A
2000 RPM 12.3A
3000 RPM 13.5A
4000 RPM 14.0A
5000 RPM 14.3A
6000 RPM 14.5A
7000 RPM 14.7A
Then back down to idle >
1000 RPM 6.3A
2000 RPM 12.3A
3000 RPM 13.4A
4000 RPM 14.1A
5000 RPM 14.4A

While holding at 2000 RPM I switched on high beams and saw no change in stator current. As I suspected when the electrical load increases current goes to the load instead of the RR, but the stator current is dependant on RPM's. This meter goes to 1KHz and I believe gives more accurate measurements than the one I used before that only went to 400Hz. This also jibes with fuse data from the group. SO yelling to come to dinner....bye.
Stator Cover (was Gypsy's site updates) Tom, taking the outer cover off (The one with the three screws..) will not give you access to taking the stator out. Ot's the cover that the three screw on is attached to and if you look closely, you will see that to lift that out.. means clearing it from the frame. The right side has a break-away frame.. what they really need is a bteak-away frame on the left side! Other choices we have is.. pull the engine.. tilt the engine.. and while the engine is accessible, install the TOC mod (http://www.tocmanufacturing.com/Side_Cover_mod.htm) so if we have to go back in 20-30,000 miles later (hopefully, it is easy access.

I read in the Verses a reference to "Jim Larson's stator conversion. What's that and where to get more info. http://ourworld.cs.com/vulcanwebsite2/statormod.html




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