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For the benefit of everyone, but mainly for the newer members, I thought that...now that warm weather is here....it might be a good time for us to recap just what preventive measures can be reasonably employed to enhance the life of our bike's stator and electrical system (listed below in no particular order):

1. Swap out a wet cell battery for a maintenance-free (sealed) battery, if not done already.

2. Relocate the bike's regulator/rectifier away from under the battery tray to a cooler location (this assumes the stock exhaust pre-muffler--or "goat's belly"--is left in place). Other threads on this forum explain and illustrate how to do this procedure.

3. Change the engine oil more frequently and consistently--for example, change the oil every 2,500 to 3,000 miles with a regular dino oil, or every 4,000-5,000 miles with a synthetic oil (or twice each year, as a minimum). Oil is the only medium keeping the stator cool and clean, so pick a change interval with this fact also in mind!

4. Avoid extended idle times, like during rush hour in stop-and-go traffic--especially during warmer weather. Even the bike's owner's manual cautions against this practice!!!

5. Avoid adding electrical accessories that will overtax the bike's stock charging system. Swap out and/or augment the factory lighting with lower-wattage solutions like LEDs, where your tastes and budget permits. Don't replace the headlight bulb with a higher (than stock) wattage bulb!

6. Keep all major electrical grounding connections clean and tight. After securing a clean grounding connection tight, pack or cover it as appropriate with synthetic, general-purpose grease.

7. Swap out a maintenance-free battery with a new one after 3 years of service, before it has a chance to die unexpectedly. Keep the maintenance-free battery trickle-charged whenever the bike isn't used for extended periods.

8. Fuse the stator lead wires--& use 20-amp fuses for all 3 wires. This mod protects the stator if the regulator/rectifier should fail. There are other threads on this forum that discuss this in more detail. The following link shows why the 20-amp fuse is a better idea: http://www.vn750.com/forum/showthread.php?t=1399&page=2

The above ideas were gathered from other threads here, and are suggestions where there seems to be general agreement. The oil change description above is merely an example that I felt would work for most everyone (different opinions on this suggestion, please--take them to another thread!!!).

The above suggestions will not guarantee against stator (or other) failures, but they are all good preventive measures that can each make a real difference over time.

If I've left anything else important out of the above list, or made an error somewhere, please respond below....:smiley_th
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