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So I was getting the bike going after awhile without running. My battery was dead so I charged it, plugged her in and tried to crank up the bike.

Engine wouldn't turn over.

I attached my battery tender junior to the terminals to give it some extra power, the engine turned over a few times and then BLAM right up into life. Didn't even sound too bad.

Ran it for a few minutes, stopped for food, came back and started up again, no problem.

Tried to start a THIRD time and now nothing's happening, just the little click click of the starter not turning anything over. This with the jump from the battery tender.

I also noticed that the front headlight wasn't on. It had been on and working fine (highs and lows) so I figured this would be some help diagnosing the problem.

Any ideas?

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How old is the battery?

What is the voltage when it is charged up but the engine not running?

It needs to be 12.5 -13.2 v.

Check charging system too.
What is the voltage with the engine running at 4K rpm. You want ~14.5 v.

The engine needs to run above 3-4K rpm for several minutes to allow the stator to recharge the battery after starting the engine.
If you were hearing a single click coming from under the right side cover, that was the starter relay telling you the battery voltage was too low to turn the starter over.
It is a common problem with both cold and hot starts.

Don`t keep trying to start until you drain the battery. Wait 5-10 minutes then try again. It often recovers enough to start.

The Battery Tender Jr only puts out 3/4 to 1 amp I believe, so won`t give much of a boost.
You can boost from any 12 v battery in a car or truck. Most advise to shut the car engine off while while boosting the bike.

The headlight does not come on until the engine starts. Your`s sounds normal. Once ON, it will stay on until the key is turned OFF.

Is the battery a conventional wet cell with 6 caps on top for adding distilled water?
If so change it out for an MF-AGM like this one:


Thats probably all you will need for reliable starts.
If not, put in some NGK Iridium DPR7EIX-9 spark plugs.
These two change outs cure most starting problems.

If you still need help there are couple of low cost coil mods we can point out to you.

Think about installing a volt meter gauge to monitor the health of your charging system while riding.

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I suspect the battery. Jump it with a car battery (with the car off) and try to start it a few times... if it starts right all the times, it is most likely the battery.

AGM maintenance free batteries are the way to go!

Oh yeah, before you go out and buy the new battery, check the charging system like OlHossCanada says.
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