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check the drive gear coming from the wheel.. down where the speedometer cable comes from the wheel.. Where the cable attachs to to the wheel there is a screw.. undo it and look inside the housing.. when the wheel turns, you should see the drive piece turning.. if not, then it is the drive gear that has worn down and a fairly simple replace.

Look down the cable to 'Shelby's front axle. Should be a little housing where the cable attaches. My Mech says about half the time the cable brakes, it takes out the drive in the box. Worth a look.

i had my speedometer quit on me too but it was alittle more expensive to fix then hooking up the cable. two or three days before it quit it developed a squeak in the front wheel area. it turns out the pinon gear in the speedometer drive assembley was starting to sieze up. when i took it apart the little shaft was locked up tight. so if you hear a sqweak up front get some good penatrating oil, remove the cable and oil it . i think that would of saved me about 65.00 for the new one. of course while i had it apart i did check the wheel bearings, good thing cause they were getting alittle rough too, so it might of been a blessing in disquise. mike
Check the bottom connection at the sending unit also. Mine came loose and left the inner drive cable somewhere along Rte 372 between Buck and Quarryville. If you find it, you can keep it. $17.00 for a new assembly from the dealer.

Actually, I had to repair the connection on the bottom sending unit too. Luckily it was still attached to the bike when I got home, but it fell off in my hands as I was looking at it. The flange around the cable was pinched and it came right through the hand nut at the bottom. I had to undo the hand nut, then do a bit of bending of the flange inward to get the nut back on, followed by bending it back out after replacing the nut onto the cable. Some careful work gave me a good grip that will hold. Minor repairs, really, and now I have a functional speedo again. Thanks for the heads up though. If it had not fallen off down there, I might not have checked it. Jangles
On mine turned out the actual speedo cable didn't break, but water
had got into the speedo gear assembly that caused rust. The rust
caused the gears in the assembly to lock, which in turn caused the
speedo receiver (http://tinyurl.com/ckq5y) to flare out and no
longer to turn the gears to turn the cable. So if nothing else I
would make sure no moisture is inside the gear assembly on the
axle. If there seems to be any I would remove it, take the seal out
and clean the gears and inside the assembly and repack with grease.

Steve "Fallguy" Fall
Speedo works by magnetic coupling, there is a spinning magnet that is the electrical rotor, with , and the aluminum bowl that is the stator, (with output shorted) it is attached to a spring to prevent full rotation. the needle you view is also attached to the stator. your stator is probably stuck with some trash or other stuff. there is away to uncrimp the gauge head with some side cutters by carefully lifting one sides lip. (I suggest the lip facing away from the front view) then it can be re-crimped later with a pair of vise grips. They don't make it easy, because once inside, mileage can be tampered with. the goal of going in is to try some mild compressed air, careful around the springs, to blow away the trash. visually inspect especially near metal plate areas around the moving parts as steel fragments like the magnets and settle there, binding up the works. then I went and put some machine oil on the pivoting points. several thousand miles later, my 85 Speedo works like a champ now. Thanks, just my 2 cents....... Beavis
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