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Okay, as I've said since I first joined, I'm new to motorcycles. I've ridden a grand total of 5 miles in my life. So when it was time to get a bike, I found a guy who would trade his 2005 VN750 for a couple of guns. I thought everything looked good (to the best of my knowledge) and took it home. Lo and behold many things went wrong soon after and I accepted I got a lemon. So while making lemonade today, I discovered a part missing, the stinking front motor mount! The weird thing is, even with the mount not attached, the engine is still solid as heck! That probably had to do with the other two mounts way over torqued but it made the 45 mile (friend rode it) journey home the day I picked it up. No telling how long it has gone since the piece was detached. All in all, I'm going to install a proper mount but food for thought. 馃


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