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Just a few things to mention regarding the site and some future features...

We are going through final testing on our Photo Gallery software. I anticipate it will go live for everyone within a week. It is completely tied into the forum software so any picture that you add to the gallery will be tied to your user on the forums making it easier to let everyone (especially yourself) have direct access to pictures of your bike and you with one click! :hitanykey

We have also instituted a new feedback system called iTrader for when you buy or sell an item on the forums. For those familiar with the feedback system on Ebay, this is exactly the same. I encourage everybody in our community (and the Yahoo boards) to use the feedback system. Face it, we've all been burned at one time or another when buying or selling a part online to someone we don't know too well...by using the iTrader system, we can know instantly someone's past experience from our peers and buy or sell with confidence. Those little numbers under your username in each of your posts is your iTrader rating (we all start out with zero)

For more info on our iTrader system, check out this thread

We'll also be having some contests coming up soon that will have some cool prizes and also different groups to join based on your activity in the forum. More info on that to come soon.

I hope everyone is enjoying the new website...if anyone has any comments or ideas to make it better for everyone, please let us know!!!
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