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I'm new to motorcycling (license in February, 2008) and the VN750 (purchased in April, 2008) and love riding! I try to get out just about every weekend and pick a new trip each time. I live in Portland, OR and have found a few favorite rides (4-6 hour rides) that I take often. Each is a great ride with lots of interest, twisties and photo opportunities.

#1 - Rte 224 Loop: (by far my favorite ride) The scenic portion of this ride really starts at Estacada, OR and continues all the way to Detroit, OR. Rte 224 follows the Clackamas River most of the way, has lots of twisties, mountains, valleys and almost zero traffic (other than the local campers). From Detroit take Rte 22 toward Salem, OR and pick up Rte 213 North, through Silverton, back to Portland.

#2 - Mt St Helens Loop: Rte 205 toward WA, then Rte 14 along the Columbia River Gorge to Carson, WA. From Carson head North to Mt St Helens, then West along the north shore of the Swift Creek Reservoir, before picking up Rte 503 South through Battle Ground back to Rte 205 South.

#3 - Vernonia Run: Rte 30 West to Scappoose, then left onto the Scappoose-Vernonia Highway, which ends at Rte 47. Take a left onto Rte 47 and into Vernonia, continuing south to pick up Rte 26 East back to Portland. I want to expand this run in 2009 to avoid having to take Rte 26 back to Portland.

#4 - Historic Columbia River Highway: Rte 84 East to Troutdale and take exit for Lewis and Clark State Park. Follow the Historic Columbia River Highway to Multnomah Falls and then back onto Rte 84. Take the Bridge of the Gods exit, cross the Columbia River and take Rte 14 West back toward Vancouver.

#5 - Sauvie Island: Rte 30 West to Sauvie Island. Lots of migating birds, farms and views of Mount St Helens and the Columbia River. Also, very few cars on the road.

I can't wait to add some new rides during the 2009 season.
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