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I just wanted to rave about the near end of my stator removal. I don't know how the dealers manage to do it in 6 hours, as it took me 7 just to get the old stator out. And putting it back in was a reall pain. I ran into drive shaft problems due to the former owner messing a few things out. In the end I took off the rear wheel and swing arm, but I did manage to lube the rear splines while I was at it. The first attempt to start it found that the old Orings for the coolant pipes from each cylinder needed replacing, and the regulator seemed to be putting out way to much at 17 volts.

After fixing those problems, I found that the charging system seems to be working, and the bike starts up when hot immediately. So much better than before, where you'd stop for fuel, and you might as well have a 7 course meal before attempting to start it.

But now I just need a hose clamp for a fuel line, and I have another coolant leak somewhere in the system near the temperatur sensor housing, but I can just taste the sweet fumes of carbon monoxide and the joy of the ride!

Thanks for all of your help so far.
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