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So to start the story off I just have to say that I wasn’t happy with the original carburetors and they were pretty damaged so I decided to get a little crafty and make a single carburetor conversion. Now This was a pretty interesting process but I think I got pretty lucky time wise. This only took me six hours to complete and I figured out the jetting pretty fast(Due to having a O2 sensor and a stockpile of spark plugs) So I have a Harley Davidson CV 40 made by keihin with a 48 Slow/idle jet, 165 Main jet And a few spacers for the needle. I’m getting good performance, good idle no fluctuations, Phenomenal throttle response, Amazing gas mileage (Surprisingly) And extremely fast cold starts (Warm starts are instantaneous)
Eventually I’m going to screw around with the manifold a little bit more so I can tuck the carburetor in a bit, But other than that everything has been working amazing. And I will have more updates soon!
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Just a sidenote nothing is currently on in these pictures. Everything is just resting in place because I am Currently maintenance in the carburetor (Diaphragm popped)
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