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first, apologies for not posting a formal ride report. as some of you might recall, i posted last month that i'd be taking a boston -> san francisco -> boston trip soon... and, well... just under a month later i'm in san francisco! the ride has been absolutely fantastic so far.

now... the bad news.

a little over a month ago i replaced the stator in my bike. after the replacement, the charging system operated perfectly. for the past 5000+ miles during the cross country trip, life has been good and i've been seeing 14.5V+ on the volt meter at cruising speeds.

in anticipation of the return trip, i changed the oil in the bike and replaced the spark plugs yesterday. today i was taking a short ride around the east bay and noticed the volt readings were a little off... i was seeing 14V+ over the whole range of rpm's. i decided to err on the safe side and so today i drove into the city and picked up a new yuasa mf battery and a new r/r (tour max brand; model rgu-209). installed the new r/r and charged and installed the battery.

i took a ride this evening and the volt meter is reading 13.7V across all rpm ranges... from idle to 5K rpms.


i've done some preliminary readings on the stator leads... no continuity to ground across any of the leads and i'm seeing between .5 and .7 ohms between the leads... so it seems the stator is fine. as i've already mentioned... brand new battery and brand new r/r. what could be going on here? everything was operating perfectly before i changed the spark plugs and the oil... not sure how doing that would affect the volt readings. spark plugs are gapped appropriately.

i haven't really dug into all the volt meter readings yet... it's late and i don't want to wake the neighbors (i'm staying with friends) with engine revving... just thought i'd post this to see if anyone has any ideas/suggestions.

the one good thing... when i replaced the stator i invested in the toc modded engine cover, so if for some reason it _does_ turn out to be the stator (which i don't think it is), i don't have to pull the engine.


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Good to hear you made it to the left coast safely :beerchug:

One thing you might try, is to pull fuses out one at a time (except for the 30amp main) and see if maybe something is draining the power.
Also, seeing as ya did the plugs, check if you can hear or see anywhere the wires may be shorting.

And I would guess you've already done this, but just to be sure, have you checked the connections for the stator, r/r, battery (including the frame ground) and voltmeter?

Hope ya get it figured out and have a great ride back to Boston :motorcycl
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