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Hi VidKid, Welcome to the group.

Yes, two people in this group, Dianna and Flemdog both have added sidecar rigs to their VN750.

Dianna's pictures are here:

Flemdogs pictures are here: http://www.carveyparker.com/trip.htm

I'm sure these guys will be piping up soon in response to your questions.

Good luck


vidkid said:
Hi all...
I'm new to the group, just bought a 2004 vulcan 750 Thursday.
I was wondering... I am a single dad with a 9 and a 6 year old &
would love to ride the kids together. Is there any sidecars for the
750 and if so where could I go to check one out? I know that a
sidecar would be a load for long trips, but I'm talking about short
trips just around my home area. I live in Arlington, Texas. Any thoughts would be appreciated.

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