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So when I took my shift drum out of the engine case I dropped it and broke the plastic piece at the end. :doh:

I'm assuming this piece is what the neutral switch uses to determine the bike in not in gear? (see exploded view below)

I ordered a new one and it showed up yesterday. I went to put it on the shaft and while looking at the exploded view of the parts I realized I didn't have a spring that sat against it.

What is really weird is that I'm pretty sure I didn't take a spring off when I removed the snap ring. I figured I must have lost it when I dropped the drum. But then i looked at the video of me taking it off, and it's not there! (see screenshot below)

There were no signs that this engine had been taken apart before. So is it possible this was missed at the factory? Or is it more likely this was added to the design after my bike was manufactured?
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