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Photo here:

Has Cee Bailey +4 X +4 windscreen. Yamaha top case with Passenger back pad. My passenger floorboards. Aluminum Frame sliders. Corbin Pilot seat. Has new Pilot Road 2B rear tire. Stock screen and seat included, also V-Stom hand guards, Nylon cover. (Zumo in photo not included, but Ram Ball mount is)

Car not included. Approx 11,000 miles. Asking $7,300.

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I just can't believe a lil cold snap could do that to a man, we'll still have a few more warm days KM, hang in there bud...lol...
Have a good one...Old Dog...

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WHY.../ WHY.. WhY???
As posted at the Yahoo forum:

Sorry about the photo link. I have a bunch of photos at my "webshots" photo
But they are appearently moving and renaming their site. In the meantime, only
those that have photos there can view their piictures.. You can't post them
anymore. Yahoo did this awhile ago when it moved to "Flicker".....and I lost
half of my pictures.

Luckily this time I got to download the 880 photos I had at webshots.....bad
part being they are not in albums but just in random order now. And of course on
my laptop and not at a linkabke site.


Anyway..... You all might have heard me extoll the virtues of the FJR.
Honestly I think it's one of the best bikes ever made. Great as a commuter, can
tour the country on it, comfy for two up riding, gobs of storage space, and
enough power to scare the crap out of you.

Issue now is where I live is plagued with miles and miles of roads shaped like
this: S. .... Instead of this: l . And some roads along with my driveway aren't
exactly smooth ribbons of asphalt. Some are in fact just rock. Tossing a 600
pound bike through any of this is a bit of a chore not to mention spincter
isometrics. Not saying the FJR is a bull to handle...quite to opposite. The
"sport" in "Sport/Touring" is much better than many in this catagory. But it's
still a big bike. A true sport bike would obviously handle twisty stuff better.

Riding off road on a high heavy bike with street tires and tire spinning
horsepower is a bit tricky too.

So I have come to a the conclusion that I need a bike that fits the environment
better. As much as I LOVE the FJR I guess I realized there's no good reason to
drive a Ferrari if the roads are all rock and mud. So it looks at least I should
have a lighter bike ...

At this point not 100% sure where I am heading. That new NC700X Honda looks
nice....and surprisingly ... The new Ninja 300. We will see....

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