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I have a headlight modulator on my 2002. It comes with a sensor that shuts off this function at night. I have switched this so that I can turn off the blinking during the day if desired. The reason...

I do believe that these devices attract more attention to your bike. But, I had an experience on a local road at a four-way stop that changed my mind. I was almost hit by a truck that turned left in front of me from a stop sign because he THOUGHT I gave him the headlight flash to proceed. I had to make a quick stop to avoid him as we both gave it the gas at the same time. He said that he thought I wanted him to go first because of the blinking of my headlight. No harm done.

Lesson: we can't expect non-riders to realize what a headlight modulator is and therefore I only use mine on the highway and shut if off on local roads (with stop signs). I would recommend switching or covering the sensor to achieve this.

Hope this helps...
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