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‘Twas the night before Sammie Jo came home
I’m swimming with my Floridian host
Everyone was eager to see the new look
Naturally - Rita, the most.

T’Pol and a Yammer were parked
Side by side
Freshly washed, waxed, and polished
For Saturday’s ride

A day of anticipation
We could hardly wait
The guest of honor would arrive
Not long after we ate

When up the dirt road I saw
Through the window
A cage and a trailer
And our beloved Sammie Jo!

A flood of eager people
Washed out the door
The sound of Sammie’s engine
Came to a roar.

The grin on Rita’s face
As she beheld her sweet 750
Whose new hummingbird art
Was looking quite spiffy

Before I could catch my breath
And get my boots on my feet
These eager bikers
Were heading down the street!

I threw on my gear
And dodged dirt road bumps
To join the other 6 bikers
As we fueled at the pumps

Kim, Nancy, Ralph
And Sharkey too
Together with Rita and Jason
We made one hell of a crew

Down the highways
The numbers I don’t know
Heading into weather
And a sweet lightning show

The clouds rolled in
And blacked out the sky
The stinging drops of water
Each the size of your eye

Our formation was dynamic
I drifted forward and back
Our group slowed down
As the rain attacked

A glimmer of hope
As we reached the shore
The sun briefly winked
And then it rained some more

A well-timed dinner on the coast
Warmed our hearts
But then we were shocked
When Sammie wouldn’t start

Remembering our group
As I thanked the Goddess renown
I pulled out my Westco
And flipped it upside down

With Sammie alive
And the group well fed
Another swim
And then off to bed

Sunday we rolled again
Another 100 miles
At one point both Vulcans
Leading in style

I started Sunday with a headache
That Rita helped heal
In combination with the therapy
Of twisties, fire, and steel

My trip ended
I headed for home
And I can’t wait
To show Rita ‘round Rome

T’Pol and Sammie Jo
Their harmonious engine hum
Will sing together again
When Rita, this way, comes

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Your trip report was quite original, informative and enjoyable LC. thanks for sharing that.


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Glad you liked it. It came to mind on the way home and this version is nothing like what rapidly populated my brain on Monday. Unfortunately, I tend to lose a poem if I don't document it as it flows. I had to, essentially, make a second poem when I did this. I tried to keep some of the original ideas in there, but they were pretty well lost.
I'm thinking of getting a little digital recorder for those occasions.
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