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Many like the mustang seat . I did NOT like mine.you may want to buy where there is a no hassle return. it was a huge hassle with sherms. Dennis Kirk will let you return the seat ,if you do not like it ( and no restocking fee)and Kirk will not poke you on shipping costs. my 2 cents worth . and,Kirk will ship you the seat in 2 days. not 2 weeks like sherms . --- In
The only problem with some of the saddleman's, travelcades, corbins etc is that they do not come back flush against the backrest (leaving a small gap that some have filled with weatherstripping)

Check the files section, or maybe it's on the archives site, but there have been several reviews of the seat choices. Just from memory:

Corbin: Very firm (even hard) at first which some find uncomfortable, however will 'mold' to your body after enough miles and becomes more comfortable. Big plus is the integrated backrest.

Mustang: More comfortable from the start. Not sure I recall any negative feedback, except from those who prefer the firmer ride. Works well with the ProTac backrest.

I installed my Mustang Wide Regal over a Kaw luggage rack a couple of months ago and had to remove a fair amound of the seat tub material before I was able to get the right "fit" so the mounting bolts would line up with the threaded holes. It is a perfect fit if you don't have the F&S rear luggage rack.

This is a known problem with the Mustang Wide Regal and the Kaw luggage rack (which I see you have from the picture). On the bottom of the seat, you will find two holes where the bolts heads from the rack are supposed to go, but they don't quite fit. The seat is hitting those bolt heads, or the edge of the bracket, preventing it from going all the way down. Take your Dremel and enlarge those holes a little - maybe 1/4" or so, then the seat should drop down enough to get the rear bolts back in. It will still be tight, but it will fit. It worked with mine, anyway.

And it's only the Wide Regal that has the problem - the Wide Studded fits fine without modification.

Travelcade: Good seat at less money generally than the Corbin or Mustang. Some anecdotal reports that is soaks up or retains water when caught out in the rain, but the folks on here who have it haven't seen that problem. In fact, a former member rode her Travelcade on a week long trip through the Smokies where it rained every day. She had no problem with her seat not drying. In fact, her seat is now on Cory's bike and Cory reports no problems. Vince Hancock

I have the Travelcade Desperado seat and I have a small gap along the back. Not anything like what you show along the bottom of the passenger section though. I think that was the one negative comment about the desperado seat. I plan on filling mine with some black weatherstripping (Dianna)

I have the travelcade with the skirts and conchos and just like Dianna said, it does not seat well in the back, but it only shows a small gap. I really like it though, it looks sharp and is comfortable. The small backrest makes a difference also.

I have that Mustang/Pro-Tac combo on my bike. I just added them in since September last year and can vouch for the nice ride. One other observation I should add about the Mustang seat is that it does sit you up about 1" higher than the stock seat. Don't know how that relates to your current saddle, but some riders with shorter legs have reported a little bit of a stretch reaching the ground. I like the higher seat, but it's just something to keep in mind.

Pro-Tac makes each backrest custom to order, and they will ask you what bike/seat combo you need it made for. You could always try calling their toll-free number and tell tham what seat you have and perhaps they can tell you if they can fit one of theirs to your bike. I'm guessing they can.

I tried a Mustang, but didn't care for it because the edge of the passengers seat made me sit to far forward. But they took it back without a hassle.

Easy fix..get the saddleman seat..i had the mustang.it killed me butt..
Just remember that the Mustang seat pan is almost certain to need a little file or Dremel work to make it fit. (There have been many posts on this.) When I installed mine, I also had interference with my Kaw luggage rack and had to grind away some of the pan to allow it to fit properly over the rack attachment tubes. . . . Chris
Before you grind (unless you have saddlebags, rack, etc.) shimmy it back and forth while pushing it under the "tang" near the tank and it should go forward / down enough to bolt it in.

I had a similar problem when installing my Mustang seat. The tongue would hit the top of the slot, and not go in. I did bend the tongue a bit and it slid right in ... and then left a gap at the rear. Sliding it back and tightening the bolts does leave about a 1/2" gap in front. This seems common as others have reported it. For some reason Mustang does not seem to have the right dimensions for the VN750 seat. I have placed some weatehr stripping between the seat and the tank to help keep water out. Clair
I already have the Mustang seat and find it not much better than the stock seat. I took a ride today , 102 miles, wearing unpadded lycra bike shorts under my Riding pants and it was not too bad. I think the seamless shorts helped.

I've been riding around on the Corbin seat I got from Dan the last few weeks. At first I thought it would cause a problem because the seat is so firm. But I have yet to experiance any of the problems I had with the stock seat. My butt has not gotten sore yet. and the circulation to my legs is much much better on long rides. Eyvonne likes the seat also...mostly because she is higher now..and can see over my helmet ( actualy..I'm sitting lower...the passenger area is about the same height as the stock seat) And sitting lower is fine with me..( 30" inseam) And the drivers backrest is plain wonderfull. I didn't realize it was adjustable till I looked at photos of Jills seat. It now is adjusted and provides alot of support...in the lower back...as opposed to some rests like the Protact that seem to sit higher up. Anyway...the Corbin has my reccomendation... Knifemaker
I had a new Corbin seat installed on my Honda Magna 750 last Saturday. It is noticeably softer than the one on my n750, which I bought used about 2 years ago. I called their tech support this morning to inqurie. The gentleman said their seats are softer now. He said they had a change in equipment or something to the sort. Tom Jue

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Q: Stewart Nyi wrote: I'm messing with the idea of getting a Corbin seat. Has anyone had one and not liked it? I'm on the way skinny side - will the seat be too hard?
A: I am on the "lightside" too and have been very happy with my Corbin. Alot does depend on your ass off course..those with small butts like mine may already lack some padding, but then have less weight on their bottoms to start with. The Corbin is firm, but hey, the seat in my car is about as comfy as you can get and I still get fidgety after an hour on the road. The whole point of having a seat you can sit in for hours seems to be a useless goal, as I never sit on my bike for more than an hour at a time...it's important to stop and take a break, not so much for your ass but for your head. Even after extended rides my ass is not hesitant to get back on the bike...but was very reluctant with the stock seat. My gut feeling is that those of larger stature may find the Mustang , being wider , a good choice..but those with narrow hips should find the Corbin comfortable..even if it is "firm" Because it is very narrow around the thighs and does not put pressure on them the way the stock seat does. KM
My Corbin seat did it's job. During my 6 hours driving up north and 6 hours driving south back home, my butt was not sore in the least. The Corbin is an interesting seat. It has taken nearly a year for me to get use to it. I thought was too hard for almost a year. Now, I think it's perfect. My advise to other new Corbin seat owners is....keep it for a year before you decide to give up on it. Tom Jue
After riding 300 miles from Danville, CA north to Yreka, CA near the Oregon border last week, I came to appreciate the comfort of my Corbin seat even more. So much more, that I took my 1998 Honda Magna 750 100 miles down south to Hollister, CA to have a Corbin seat installed on it.

Does anyone know of a tall sissy bar that is compatible with the Corbin saddle?

You mean the extended/passenger backrest? The Maw Kaw is compatible for the most part. It is a bit "squished" where it meets the regular seat, but not so much where it is problematic. >>And speaking of the saddle, what do owners think of it?<< LLLLOOOOOVVVVVVEEEEEE it! :) jill

Some have forced their Corbin under the backrest. I found just the pad on ebay and shaped it down so that it fits. The only problem is that my Corbin is nice, but it really doesn't fit my back side and I think I will be trying a Saddleman or a Mustang. If anyone is interested in my Corbin, with the large driver backrest, let me know.

Here are some places that do custom seat work and/or talk about how to do it:





Pricey, but wonderful comfort is the Airhawk Seat Pad. Long term hospital patient pad engineering with rubber bladder and multiple air pockets inside a nice nylon cover. My stock seat started giving me butt burn at 50miles and now I can ride a 300 mile day with no effect when the pad is installed on my stock seat. Yep, Airhawk. It's the 14x14 medium cruiser. I got mine from www.chaparralmotorsports.com p/n 304-8679 $152.99 with free shipping. Got it in about 4-5 days. 'course, last year, it was $149.99. Wifey insisted on one when she sat on mine, so I had to purchase her a passenger Pillion Pad p/n 304-8678 $134.99.
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