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I'm back home from my trip to visit Rita in Florida.
In the spirit of the innuendos that seem to be created from my
No, I was not thrown down and licked, but I did get to share a shower
with Rita and she told me I was hot ;)

As some are aware, Rita wanted me to visit prior to her coming up to
Rome, GA to ride with me (and several others) to KY Lake. I was only
slightly aware that she'd be running me throuh an "are you a cereal
(intentionally misspelled) killer" application process. Of course,
that wasn't my only reason for the visit. I had a great holiday
weekend with some new found friends and got in plenty of riding.

Just as I was headed out, Rita called and proposed to meet me in
Bainbridge, GA. She wanted to ride with me the rest of the way to
her house. I could tell that she's really missing her bike. Since
her helmet is also being painted, she had to wait until we crossed
the state line into Florida before hopping on. We were mere inches
across the state line when Jason, Rita's husband, hit the brakes and
Rita came pouring out of the car and did a kung-fu leap on to T'Pol.
She took me back via the twisties :)
My route down was straight from Rome on hwy 27. Plenty of back-roads
riding. The only rain I encountered was near Blakely, GA, before
meeting Rita. I managed to get ahead of it just in time. It looked
like it had some decent down-drafts going on.

Rita and I slapped on some sunscreen (note to self - next time use
SPF 1000!) and we went to Panama Beach. She introduced me to
snorkeling. I saw some cool stuff underwater, got stung by more than
a few jellyfish (once in the armpit - OW!), wrestled with Rita in the
waves, and slowly got branded by the hot gulf coast sun. The armpit
sting was probably a blessing in disguise because we really needed to
get out of the sun. We hit the freshwater showers (innuendo #1) ;)
and headed for home.
Apparently the clouds decided that we needed relief from our burns,
so we got drenched! When the water droplets are about the size of
quarters and coming down thicker than mud, that stuff tends to
STING! OUCH! I miss my windshield! We eventually gave up and
pulled over. There was no cover on this country road, but we just
stood in the rain while it passed. We waited for a while and
continued on. When we caught up to the wet stuff again, we found a
BP station populated by three lady riders. About fifteen minutes of
conversation flew by with them. They're members of an all-female
riding group based in the Florida panhandle. We shared a lot of
laughs about the weather until the sun peeked out again and we parted

Nearly every time Rita made contact with me, she commented about how
hot I was (sunburn, guys...). I got doused with aloe spray about 10
times that day.
Kim and Sharkey, Rita's friends, came over to check me out and give
final approval of me. I was expecting one heck of a grilling from
Sharkey, but we ended up getting along from the word go. The guys
wasted 2 hours watching Torque (don't bother - no, really, don't)
while the ladies prepared the veggies for our lunch. Saturday
evening, I had made a huge pot of my beloved chili for dinner and we
served that along with Jason's awesome meat loaf, a plethora of
veggies, and topped it off with ice cream for dessert. Two hours
later, after watching the Blue Collar Comedy Tour, we all headed for
the pool. I probably shouldn't have contributed to my sunburn, but I
joined in the pool fun.
Of course, later on I went to the fireworks stand and spent way too
much money for a pyrotechnics display, but we loved it anyway. Jason
and I got to blow up rotting deer heads and fire ant mounds. Too
fun! :)
I definitely got the thumbs up from Sharkey and Kim.

Rita wasn't about to let me escape without another ride. She took me
all over the county and we rode for about 4 hours. Poor darlin has
not been able to go for a ride in weeks. I couldn't just go out for
a hour or so and then leave. I enjoyed giving her as much time as I
could before I had to go.
I headed out and took an alternate route home through Alabama. At
one point, I nearly ran out of gas (my fault for not stopping
sooner), but no other incidents interfered in my trip. Of course, a
nasty thunderhead loomed over my path, but my insurance (rain suit)
kept that from hitting me. I pulled in around midnight last night,
sent the "all's well" message, and went to bed.

Back at work this morning, you can bet that my mind is still in
Florida. I had a great weekend with some great people. I hope all
of you had just as much fun.

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