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I read about sea foam, and one of the forum members sended me a link to the compagny[ thanks] but there is no dealer in europe.

my question is , if the sea foam is such a wonder stuff, why can't I get it in holland?

now I don't want to be the new dealer, I just want to get me a bottle ore can of the stuff!

just for me, so can you tell my what it will cost to send me the sea foam?

and ofcourse who wants to do it?

greetings from a windy holland!!


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I think the cost would be prohibitive for shipping and there is also the question of if it would even be allowed.
SeaFoam was initially developed for the Mercury outboard engines since boats tend to sit for a period between uses they were looking for something to stabilize the fuel and help keep the engine clean and also help remove any water from the fuel that accumulated.
With that in mind I looked up Fuel stabilizers for Europe. Your blends are a bit different from ours also and you are probably looking at more ethanol based fuels or MTBE
So I came across this..
"Mercury Marine Fuel System Treatment & Stabilizer can help maintain fuel systems in storage. It contains oxidation inhibitors to reduce oxidation and gum formation, metal chelating agents to protect metal components from corrosion, water absorbing agents to reduce the presence of free water, and dispersants to help suspend and disperse debris."
My advice is to find something that does pretty much what SeaFoam does that is also safe for any of the nylon and/or rubber components in the fuel system.
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