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Also See Saddle Bag Mounting

Re. the ones on Ebay out of Germany:
Well, I bought one of those German bag supports, after
checking with one of the other previous buyers, and he thought
they were fine. But...they come with no directions, no bolts
(they use existing),and are poorly packed (box squashed and no
peanuts or other packing, but they were wrapped in heavy clear
vinyl and were undamaged). It's currently snowing here so I
doubt I'll be putting them on this weekend. I don't think they
involve relocation of turn signals, helmet locks, etc. I'll
let you know what I think after mounting. "
Rico Suave"
I took the opportunity to install the sadddlebag supports I picked up from e-bay. These are the ones from Germany, with poor packing, no instructions and no other hardware, but at a reasonable price. I have mixed feelings. As "no-frills" bag supports, they do keep the bag away from the shocks, the fit and finish are o.k., but other than that, there are no redeeming features. Although the Kawa supports are pricy, they do make a nice installation, the bags look tidy, no conflict with the helmet locks, and they can be adapted for "yokeless" installation, which is a big plus in my book. So....let the buyer beware. You get what you pay for, and in this case, maybe slightly less. I doubt if I would do it again, and those who are considering this recurring alternative on ebay might want to think twice. I checked out the label on the support package, pulled up the website, and they are currently listed as "discontinued" items.

Don't know how limited your resources are but with some parts from Home Depot and some basic tools I made a set of saddlebag supports to go yokeless with my W&M SB700 bags. Total cost for the parts was less than $25. I have a few pics in my folder (Ken Eng). Ken
I had to cut four stainless steel tabs and drill two holes each in them. Tabs went under grabrail and brackets bolted to tabs. Looks better than it may sound <g>. And net cost was about $25. If you need a pic, I can find one and I'll put it on my photos page (reached through our Links\Our bikes ) grambo
snowman did something similar. check out his photo folder also.

i am tracking a lot of stuff the members post here as i am looking to add bags, supports, luggage rack, and maybe other stuff soon. here's what i've found thus far - as you have probably seen, the kaw site lists them for $153. i agree with you - too high - i'll balance stuff on my head first. go to this group's home page, click on "database," then "parts and accessories" you will find a lot of folks use ronayers.com i believe if you go to ronayers, you will find the supports for 120 bucks. one of the member's sites listed all the links and part #s for the things he added to his bike, but i can't remeber who it was now or find the link. anyways, the part # for the supports was K53021-094 at ronayers. luggage rack, k53020-077b, is there for $74.00 compared to $95 on the kaw site.

I've used large bags on my 750 from day one without supports with no ill effects.. Currently using W&M Fleetside SB718's WWW.PictureTrails.com/RazorEb .. I use the same bags on my 1500 with Ghost Brackets.. Some will tell you that it harms the finish on the shocks, well that may be true, but I've not seen it.. If I were to go yokeless, I would use supports, but till then, I'll stay with what I got.. Raz
Howard Snow (snowmannc) has fabbed his own. Do a search in the archives for details, or check his pic folder. I think he has a drawing of his design in there.

1. Are the Kawasaki bag supports recommended?

Concensus around here is that they are nice but not required. Those that have them speak highly of them but a lot of us are not using them and are happy. Don't pay dealer price if you get them. Go to www.ronayers.com . There's a set of Highway Hawk supports on Ebay now I believe. Watch however for supports listed on ebay from a seller in Germany. Shipping is sky high and I recall a few folks on here who weren;t thrilled with them (didn't line up with bolts). A couple of folks have fabbed their own homemade versions. Check for instance snowmannc's picture folder.

2. Do I need the turn signal relocation kit? If so, where do I get it?

The Kaw supports (from Ron Ayers) include a relocation kit. A couple of folks have fabbed their own, often using non-stock turn signals. Check thru the pics folders for ideas. Do you have to reloc? Not necessarily. Several of us have large bags on ours without relocating. It's an annoyance opening the bags with the t/s in the way, but something you can live with.

3. Will the 750 accomodate 14" wide bags with the turn signal kit, or are the 12"wide bags about all that will fit?

See above. I have W&M SB745 bags (16" x 11" x 6½") and I know others do. As I said, they will fit although the t/s will be in the way to fully open.

4. What does yokeless mean?

The yoke is the leather that connects the two saddlebags. In simplest installation, you remove the seat, through the bags over the frame (like over a horse) and reinstall teh seat. The Yoke holds the bags in place. In yokeless installations, that center leather is removed and the bags are attached independently to either side of the seat (generally requiring a bracket).

vn700kc <[email protected]> wrote: Hi to all, Can anyone tell me if there is a site that sells aftermarket saddlebag supports for a 1985 vn 700. $154.00 is the best i could find.I checked on the link pages within the group site. thank you!! vn700kc
Re: saddlebag supports http://bikercom.com type VN750 in the search and it will bring up everything for the VN750 saddlebag supports on the third page Saddlebag Support Kit B664-021 Vulcan VN750 Highway Hawk 52,62Shipping is a bit high since they ship out of Spain I think and some have gotten the Highway Hawk saddlebag supports and didn't like them (personal taste always considered, they might do fine for you)

My understanding is that the $154.00 price is not just for thebrackets. What you are really buying is a kit which included the hardware to relocate the turn signal lights and helmet locks in addition to the saddlebag brackets. Karey St. Louis, MO
I mounted my Big W&M saddlebags without the yokes. I also have the supports, but I didn't cut off the yokes; I just tucked them behind in case I ever want to use them. I didn't think the bags were strong enough by themselves, so I made a brace out of flat aluminum stock to make them sturdy enough. Check the pics in my sig line - in the "Saddlebags" folder. If you want to be able to remove them, like when you stop at a hotel for the night, then don't mount them - just sling 'em over the seat (tie 'em down with bungees or something). Some folks have been successful in slipping the yokes under the seat also. It just kinda depends on what you work out for yourself. Everybody seems to do it differently.

Bag supports necessary? Maybe not, but after riding for two years without 'em on my bike, the bags have suffered a bit.(Actually, one year without, then one year with the cheapo german ones.) Matter of fact, I dropped one off at the shoe-repair today to have the bottom stiched up. It appears that the lip was snagging on the bottom shock nut, and maybe a little to close to the exhaust, and the thread/stiching gave way, but the synthetic body of the willie and max bags is in fine shape. I'm going yokeless, with the bags suspended on the Kaw bag supports, and the turn signals moved back (part of the accessory)where they will not interfere with the bags, and the relocated helmet locks easily accesible. Before, they looked a litle ratty and cramped , dodging under the turn signals and slightly "folding". I expect significant improvement. It should look and function better. (when i get the f-ing screw out).
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