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Also see Saddlebag Supports

Most yoked bags are designed to throw over the passenger seat (You might want to remind him to secure them to the sides when he does use them (use the leather ties that most of them have) and balance his load in them too since he will probably have them packed full for his travels)

Q: i tryed to mount some saddlebags today. after i get the bags under
the seat. the leather is stopping the seat from mounting. as the
bolts in the backrest will not go down far enough. anyone had this
problem. or,any ideas ?
A: I have to push down hard on the seat back to get the bolts started.

I also stood on my knees on the passenger seat, pushing it down with my weight as i bent over the backrest and started the 2 bolts. After a couple of times doing this, taking the seat off for bike cleanings, I cut holes in my saddle bag yke to match where the holes in my mustang lined up. Wasn't hard to figure out where to cut seeing how the leather had groves in it from the holes.

I ended up taking a wood chisel and cutting a hole in the yoke where
the bolt heads are. This lets the yoke fit down around the bolt
heads. Make sure you move any safety strap out of the way before
cutting. (Don't ask why)

That's why I went yokeless Some folks I think ran the yoke under the frame tubes and thus allowed the seat to fully rest in it's proper position

I had this problem with my Willie Max bags.. I got my neighbor to sit on the back of the seat (300+ pounds).. After the seat had been on a while it formed the yokes to the point that it wasn't hard to do on my own..

I think this seems to be a common problem for everyone. I had the
same issues and ran my yoke under the chrome backrest frame and seat
(between the bolts). I wasn't totally happy with that after using it
this way last summer.

I just changed my saddlebags over to a yokeless setup. I made a set
of brackets that attach to the bolts for the chrome backrest frame
and fender. I attached my Willie and Max bags to a polished aluminum
frame which then attaches to the brackets. I mounted them with bolts
and wing nuts so that they can be easily removed for when I clean the
bike, etc. It looks nice and I am satisfied with the way the bags
look on my '01 VN750.Waynebo37
I mounted my W&M bags the same way and tucked the yokes down behind the bag. I took the lacing you get for the yokes and used it to hold the yokes to the back of the bags and the bracket I made for the bags. it really looks nice and a much cleaner look. The bags hang very nice on the bike. Good luck!!

I have an '03 and I have the SB745's. I like the way the "grey" semi matches the color of my scoot. I origanally "yoked" them under the seat and had to do a little modification to get my mustang seat to line up easier to re-install. I have a couple pics in my folder of PJ (my scoot) if you want to see over all appearance. The only downfall is the rear blinkers are over the top of the bags and semiblocks access. Nothing major, but for some an inconvienance. I just dealt with it and it didn't bother me at all.

Lately my wife (I mostly ride double up) complained about how the bags rubbed the back of her calves after I installed passenger floorboards for her. I went ahead and got the saddle bag supports and blinker lights relocation kit and moved them back about 2". She seems happier, for now, lol. I like the bigger bags because my halve helmets will fit in them, along with a bunch of other stuff. They ride about 1 1/2" about the pipes, but I haven't seen any burns or any damage to the bags so far, about 10 months. Thats my $.02, don't have any input for the other bags.

In the JCW catalog that I have it's on page 54, Custom-Styled Travel Trunk, part number AG013068T. $56.99 plus shipping. 12'' high by 16 3/4'' wide by 12 1/4'' long. The surface is dull black, probably paintable, though I like it just fine the way it is. A heavy plastic mounting plate clamps to the luggage rack and stays with the bike. They supply 2 metal strips and 4 screws with nuts to hold the mounting plate down. The trunk is removable from the mounting plate using the key. It will hold a full face helmet. I will take some pics and create an album in my yahoo photos when I get a chance. Dennis in Maryland
It might take a bit of trial and error to get the mounting plate positioned so that the top opens without hitting the backrest. Don't tighten the screws down so tight as to break the plastic mounting plate. I rattle canned the metal strips with black paint so they wouldn't be as noticable.
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