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Hey Brothers.
My 750 has been annoying me for the past 2 months with an electrical problem. I'll be riding around fine, when all of a sudden my tachometer needle starts bouncing wildly and I'll start losing power. Either the bike will continue working normally, or it will shut off. Sometime I wait a few minutes and start it back up normally. Other times it shuts off and it looks like the battery is dead (no headlight/flickering, instrument panel doesn't light up). Then once I come back in a few hours it fires right up and works perfectly. Weird.

Anyways, I saw this issue referenced quite a few times in the past. They suggest a problem either with the carbs or the battery. I am praying it is not the carbs.

Anyways, I took off the seat and took a look at my battery. The Black (-) cable is reallllly rusty. Here are some pics
. You can also see the battery terminal (metal part) is slightly corroded.
. On a side note the battery doesn't have any exhaust tube connected to it.

Anyways, here's the question. Is this my issue? Before I buy and change the wires, I want to be sure I'm not on a wild goose hunt. I am certain that rusty wires are no good, but is this the demon in my bike, or would you guys suggest I look at something else (the dreaded carbs)? Thanks all.
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